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Software update February 2013

Starting on 26 February 2013, itslearning will be updated with a number of new and enhanced features. All sites will be upgraded within a week – so don’t worry if you can’t see the changes right away.

In the first update this year, we are happy to offer the possibility of integrating third-party software in itslearning as well as a new data analyst tool that takes associative analytics to a whole new level. We are also introducing two new free games to the App Library.

In addition, we have improved and expanded some of our most popular features. We have updated the assessment record, parent dashboard, resource booking, individual learning plans, lesson planner and much more. Read all about the updates below.

New free educational word quiz games

In September 2012, we let all our developers loose for a couple of days and allowed them to make whatever they wanted. The best contributions – two free and educational word quiz games – are now available in our App Library:

 See how Hangman and Crossword puzzle work:

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Gain new insight with the new data analyst

Powered by QlikView, itslearning’s data analyst tool takes associative analytics to a whole new level, giving you a better view of what’s going on in your organisation. itslearning's data analyst enables administrators and school leaders to explore data, make discoveries and decisions, and solve business problems. The data will help you gain new insight, and spot similarities, differences, overlaps and outliers. Data analyst gathers all the information you need, and presents it in itslearning, so you can analyse, understand and solve the challenges.

There are two standard reports are available for all sites, as well as one that requires a licence. You can also order custom reports if you need specific information:

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Seamless third-party integrations

We're pleased to introduce modules. Modules enable third-parties to integrate external systems, such as student administrative systems, time-scheduling software or even wiki software, directly into itslearning. You can then decide where the system is visible in itslearning and who can access it - and users can access it without needing a separate log on. Modules are about more than just accessability. The third-party vendor can modify their system to fit with itslearning's look and feel, so a user experiences a seamless transition between the systems.. Read more about modules in the help.

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Assessment record facelift

The assessment record has had a facelift. It now has a brand new and easy-to-use user interface, and we have made other enhancements to improve performance and user experience. This includes:

  • Score-based grading
  • The participants list is now easier to read and search.
  • The assessment record settings have been moved to the course settings page, and are also available from a tab in the assessment record.
  • A new ‘Average and count’ tab (if average is enabled).
  • Enhanced student view.
  • Improved custom assessments (previously called ‘manual assessments’).
  • Improved ‘Export to Excel’ function.

Read more about the new assessment record in the help or watch the video to see how it works:

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Book resources from the calendar

itslearning's resource booking allows you to create resources – such as meeting rooms, cameras, computers, smartboards, and projectors – and let other users book them in the calendar. Since we launched the resource booking feature as an open beta in 2012, we have collected feedback from users, made some improvements and are now officially releasing it.

In this update we have:
  • Made a better overview of resource availability when booking resources.
  • Made it possible to view the status of bookings on the add/edit event page.

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More information on the parent dashboard

To give parents quick access to information about their children, we have expanded the parent dashboard with a new ‘About my child’ content block that shows a picture of the child as well as basic personal data.

We are also making it possible for you to give parents detailed information about their children's assessments, attendance and behaviour data. In addition, site administrators can now enable detailed reports on these data.

Read more about the parent dashboard.

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Teachers can now read individual learning plans

Previously, it was only possible for mentors to access individual learning plans (ILPs). Now teachers can, too. However, teachers can only asee the ILP columns that have been made visible for teachers in the ILP settings, and they cannot edit the information. The same applies for parents, who get access to any ILP columns that have been made available for them on the parent dashboard.

In addition, the ILP table will no longer reload and reset to the top when you cahnge the content of the table. And, the ‘Add’ links have been replaced by buttons.

Read more about individual learning plans.

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Improvements to the test tool

The test tool has been improved with the following changes:

Improved ‘order questions’

It is now easier to drag and drop elements in order questions without having to scroll.

When the mouse hovers over an element, a new grab handle makes it easier to drag and drop the element – especially if it contains video or other interactive elements.

Improved categories page

The test category page has been updated to make the layout more consistent with the overall itslearning user experience.

New test result page

To give you a better overview of results, we have introduced a ‘Summary’ tab. The new tab gives you an overview of all the questions along with the score, and a red, green or yellow colour to show the status of the answer.

Read more about tests.

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Early learner tests more practice-oriented

To make the early learner test tool more like practice than a test, the default settings for early learner tests are now:

  • Without penalty
  • Forward navigation only
  • Unlimited attempts
  • Show feedback on alternatives

In addition, pupils can now access the results of their previous attempts on the test start page.

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Copy lessons from the planner to other courses

In our previous update, we made it possible to activate and deactivate lessons. We have now made it easier to reuse your lessons from the planner by making it possible for you to copy all, or a selection of, your lessons to another course. Some of you will probably want to reuse an existing plan in a new school year, and so we’ve also made it possible to clear the dates connected to a lessons.

Please note that learning objectives connected to lessons in the planner are included when copying lessons, but any resources and activities connected to the elements will not be copied.

It is also now possible to disable default columns, such as Date, Class hours or Learning objectives, from the planner settings.

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New version of the test-mode browser

The test-mode browser has been updated, and all users should install the new version. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to automatically update the browsers, so users need to do this manually. A new version of the MSI-package will be made available after the update.

Currently, itslearning does not check which version of test-mode browser is being used when people take tests to enable students to be able to take tests with the old version of the test-mode browser.

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Minor changes

  • The attendance system has been updated with several usability improvements.
  • The content blocks for courses and projects are now limited to the 25 first (favourite) projects and courses so that the Dashboard will load faster for users with a lot of favourites.
  • Images exceeding the size space available will now be automatically resized in bulletins and rich-text content blocks.
  • Supervisors (mentors and headteachers) and administrators of a student can now see who else is supervising the student. This information is displayed at the bottom of the student’s person profile pop-up.

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A number of issues have been corrected. Read more about the most important corrections (pdf).

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1. Jan Sosniecki wrote:
The link to "the most important corrections" is not active to download the pdf-file.

February 27, 2013 @ 11:17 PM

2. itslearning wrote:
Sorry about that, the link is now included in the article :-)

February 27, 2013 @ 11:38 PM

3. Anders Kjær wrote:
Links to the itslearning online help only directs you to the front page of the help. Shouldn't you be directed directly to the help text>? Example:

February 28, 2013 @ 12:42 AM

4. itslearning wrote:
Anders, the links have now been updated :-)

February 28, 2013 @ 11:29 PM

5. Harka wrote:
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April 1, 2013 @ 6:18 PM

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